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Prayer Flag Tunes CD
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 (Music for Dark Times) 

 CD pre-release November 14 

 until then please enjoy 30 second previews 

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bringing light & sound to dark places

In the beginning was Sound, the Energy of Creation

Around the world people are beginning to explore new ways of relating to each other, our environment and ourselves. There is a new urgency to this quest especially in view of new emergencies arising daily.

Maitri Music is a new Healing Arts Practice based on the Five Colors of Tibetan Buddhism.

We are offering specially attuned music, guided imagery & meditations, as well as movement-based exercises

to help you touch base with yourself and raise awareness and compassion to what is going on in and around you.

All practices are expressions of the same principles working together in synergy to reconnect you to your core.


Each color represents its own world. 

Go deeper and explore the MAITRI MUSIK MANDALA to find out

if and how Maitri Musik resonates with you.

In deep Gratitude with Blessings,

Wolfgang Blümel

Music & Meditation


Chose your color and enter

Planned Releases 2020-2021

In the works are additional music releases and a series of guided meditations related to

each color and theme. We are also planning to start offering video guided exercises for both able

and disabled bodies, specifically designed to raise your spirits and help you feel centered and

grounded no matter which demanding or stressful situations you may find yourself in.


Music Releases 2020

April 1 - RED Maitri Touch

May 1 - YELLOW Maitri Breath

June 1 - GREEN Maitri Rhythm

July 1 - BLUE Maitri Flow

August 1 - WHITE Maitri Space

November 14 - PRAYER FLAG TUNES CD (all colors)

Music Releases 2021



App Releases 2021

May 1 - Maitri Musik App​

  Cancellations due to Covid-19  

Maitri Musik Concerts, Maitri Massage & Individual Bodywork, as well as Maitri Art Installations

in Europe and the USA have been postponed until further notice.

Planned Releases
Home: Donate

During this time of crisis and need all our work is done not for profit.

Please listen, enjoy and support our work by subscribing and donating any amount

no matter how large or small to keep us afloat and creating.

Stay tuned for updates and further releases!

Home: Videos

Maitri Musik Journeys on YouTube

enjoy and check back for additional content coming soon!


Please stay in touch and don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have. Feel free to share your personal experiences with us and let us know how our musical and other offerings might have been helpful to you and what would like to see in future releases.

You can also subscribe to our upcoming monthly newsletter on the form below.

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